Offer a Service Writing Wedding Speeches

What better way is there to enjoy those good old-fashioned knees up, than attending one of the most traditional of occasions, the wedding reception?

There is no doubt that for the majority of people the reception itself is a chance to relax and revel in the celebrations, eating, drinking, and getting merrier by the minute, generally much appreciated after the formalities of the wedding arrangements having hopefully gone to plan. Imagine the strain of waiting for the delivery of the flowers and buttonholes, the cars arriving on time, the Bride/Groom turning

Unless of course, you happen to be one of the male guest speakers of the day, namely the Bride’s Father, Best Man, and not forgetting the Groom himself, quaking in their shiniest shoes at the prospect of making probably one of the most frightening speeches they will ever have to make. Their time has come to take center stage, dive in, and entertain the wedding party with a bang, or in the worst-case scenario, belly flop with little more than a pop.

After hours of writing and agonizing over what to say, how to deliver their speech, and probably the hardest hurdle of all being confident it is humorous enough. The truth is in the majority of cases, guest speakers would gladly pay somebody to lighten this onus albeit a privileged one, and welcome the prospects of having the speech written for them.

It is definitely an honor to stand up in front of family and guests, and deliver a heartfelt and personal speech in respect of the Bride and Groom. Nevertheless, it can ultimately result in a most embarrassing situation for the speaker, as well as the guests, if the speech itself does not have the desired effect or impact intended.

Becoming a “Wedding Speech Writer” would certainly provide a very valuable and much sought after service, not to mention saving a few red faces along the way.

With that final thought in mind, may the matrimonial celebrations long continue, and CHEERS to every Blessed one of them.

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