Start a Candy Bouquet Business

As I scour the internet looking for business and money making ideas, occasionally I come across something a little different which forces me to step back and think – that’s a great idea, but is it really a business?

One such business idea (which I bet you haven’t thought of) is to start a candy bouquet business

What are candy bouquets i hear you ask?

Well, they are a bit like floral bouquets, but made of candy (duh!)

Being made of candy makes them edible and the great thing about them is that they can be styled to individual taste.

They are great for birthdays, valentines day, mothers day, or even weddings and anniversaries – and they are a flexible gift which are sure to have the “wow” factor – they could be a centrepiece on a table at special occasions

A candy bouquet business is different from a gift baskets business, a cookie bouquet business, or even a flowers business in that the raw materials are much easier to source and put you can keep them in stock for a long period of time

Of course you will need a candy bouquet business plan and help is at hand here too. Here is a set of ebooks which describe how to make candy bouquets in much more detail – from the materials you use, to how you get supplies, to the designs which you might adopt. It’s chock full of candy bouquet ideas

And then the important thing for us business seekers is that there is also a guide to making money from candy bouquets, and most importantly how to start a candy bouquet business and make it successful.

The great thing for me is that this is quite an easy business to get into, there is not too much competition (especially in the UK and Europe) and you don’t really need any specialist craft skills to get it going – just an eye for design and a bit of bravery to get started … who knows you could even start your own candy bouquet franchise if you put your mind to it.

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