The Law of Attraction – the Short Version

Have you ever heard of the “Law Of Attraction”?

Being a fairly practical kind of guy I have never really read into it or got into it – dismissing it as “namby pamby spiritual stuff”.  But I recently came across it again so I decided to try and find out that is the law of attraction and more specifically how can I use it in my everyday life

So I recently decided to delve a little deeper and found that there is definitely more to the law of attraction than meets the eye…..

If you have read the book or seen the movie  “The Secret,” you may have a pretty good idea of what the law of attraction is all about, and like many things of this nature it can mean different things to different people depending on how deeply you are prepared to get into it

To me, the law of attraction on a very basic level simply means that your thoughts create your life. If you think negative thoughts, you draw negative occurrences into your life and if you think positive thoughts, you will only magnetize positive happenings into your life.

Take that on board – think positively not negatively – and you are half way there!

Life is full of circumstances both good and bad. There are always going to be occurrences in life that we would rather not experience. However, the law of attraction dictates that you have the power to increase the positive and minimize the negative.

How The Law Of Attraction Works

There are several steps to the law of attraction and how it works. It always begins with a thought and ends with a result. Here are the general principles

1. Your Thoughts Create Your Life

You may not always have the ability to control life’s circumstances; however, you always have the ability to control your own thoughts. When preparing to use the law of attraction, it is beneficial to get into a meditative relaxed state of mind. Then after you have cleared your mind and find yourself in a peaceful place mentally, you can go on to the next step.

2. Focus on What You Want

In order to properly utilize the law of attraction, you need to be clear on what you want. It is said that the universe is the ultimate responder, what you ask for is what you will receive and what you think, you will create. It is imperative that you are focused and clear about your intention. If you do not know what it is that you want, then the universe cannot deliver your desire to you.

3. Set Your Intention

Once you are in a relaxed state of mind, have focus, and clear on your intended outcome, then send your intention out to the universe. In order to set your intention, you must feel the experience in your mind and it must occur in the present tense. See yourself in that position, with that person, in that scenario. Feel the excitement or the joy or whatever emotions you can conjure up; put yourself in the moment of fulfillment but in your now.

4. Be Thankful for the Intended Outcome

Walk around confidently knowing that your intention is on its way. Be thankful beforehand for the intended outcome and even go as far as being excited that you cannot wait to receive what you have asked for.

Before you know it, the more you practice, feel, and believe, the more joy you will bring into your life and the lives of others.

Is the law of attraction something you can take on board. I must admit I am a little torn so I am going to run with it for a few weeks and see what happens

I also did a little digging around online and found an eBook which delves a bit deeper. It’s yours, free, with a like, +1 or tweet – just getting the message out!


Download “Law of Attraction” Here


I would love to know your thoughts on the “law of attraction”. What do you think? Could you apply it in your life – even if you only take it as far as thinking more positively…. would really welcome comments below

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