10 Fantastic Ways to Make Money Writing

Have you ever thought that you could make money writing?

Indeed, have you ever even considered writing as a way of making money?

Or even setting up a writing service as a great home business idea?

If not, the good news is that you don’t actually need to be an exceptional writer to make money writing.

This may sound a little perverse, but I am not talking about the “publish a bestseller” type of writing…

I am talking about some simple ideas based around writing that anyone can take up and run with…

And the great thing is I bet you can think of more if you really put your mind to it

So without further ado, I would like to proudly present my “10 Ways to Make Money Writing”

1) Become a Freelance Writer

Webmasters all over the world need good content for their websites.

You could provide it in a number of different ways.

One way is to provide unique, custom-written content for one webmaster only (effectively writing the content for their website)

Another way might be to write courses for wish to coach for a living

Becoming a freelance writer is an excellent way to make money writing

You could even become a freelance writer part-time – fitting your writing in around your day job or other commitments

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2) Start a Private Label Rights (PLR) Business

One way to make money writing is to start a private label rights business (PLR)

The idea is to provide content to webmasters or online publishers along with the right to republish that content (edited or unedited) – the catch being of course that each client will get the same pack

Good PLR businesses can do very well.

Start a Private Label Rights (PLR) Business

3) Write (and Publish) an eBook

If you have knowledge of a subject and want to share it, you don’t have to get formally published anymore.

These days you can self-publish an eBook easily in PDF format and sell it online yourself, or self-publish on Kindle.

There are actually many platforms online which will help you to do this

Hobbies, self-improvement, business topics are all great topics for self-published eBooks

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4) Start a Blog or “Authority Site”

Create a blog (such as this one), write decent content with helpful information, and monetize your blog with affiliate products, your own product, or paid adverts.

You can start a blog in any niche you like – from your hobby to your business.

Keep adding content, link it to your social network and away you go.

This is the sort of business you can start for a very low cost (just a domain name and hosting – about $20) and then build up as you go along

And you don’t need to just restrict yourself to writing in your blog (though it is an excellent way to make money writing) – you could also publish videos or even your own product

5) Start a Caligraphy Business

OK, I’ll accept that calligraphy isn’t exactly writing, more of an art form based on writing, but there is still a demand for handwritten cards, wedding invitations, and more

You could build a small business around this specialist craft.

How to Start a Caligraphy Business

6) Become a Freelance Copywriter

If you can “sell” with the written word then you can make good money as a freelance copywriter.

Copywriting is a (genuinely) in-demand service and good copywriters can earn really good money, especially when providing a service to small businesses or webmasters online who (perhaps) don’t possess the necessary “selling” skills

Become a Freelance Copywriter

7) Provide a Service for Jobseekers

There are many job seekers who are seeking the perfect CV or covering letter and if you are good at this sort of thing as service for job seekers could be something excellent to provide

Start a Resume Writing Service

8) Run a Newsletter Through eMail

Pick a subject which you know something about (or want to know something about)

Then set up a webpage (or website)  with an autoresponder which will help automate the sending out of emails and promote your webpage through social media.

You could publish a newsletter giving helpful tips on your chosen niche, and occasionally recommend/review products that you get paid commission on.

9) Write Speeches For Special Events

Think about the hundreds of people who agonize over their wedding speeches, best man speeches, funeral eulogies, or just a thank-you speech.

There are many possibilities to providing a bespoke service to fulfill this need.

This is an excellent way to make money writing

10) Write a “Life Story”

Wouldn’t it be great for people to be able to easily compile biographies of their family members?

Wouldn’t it be great if it were easy to publish these interviews and personal histories as actual books so they could be passed on to future generations?

Consider providing a service to write and publish life stories

Here is a more detailed article on this way to make money writing

Make Money Writing – In Conclusion

There are lots more ways you can make money from writing if you just sit down and think about it.

And the good thing is that whatever venture you choose you can do it part-time around your day job or around your current family commitments.

On top of this, the internet has certainly increased the opportunities available to you in that you could write for somebody, or get your message out to anybody in the world.

So I urge you to think broadly and creatively, think about what you can do rather than what you can’t do, and it could be the opening you need to make some extra money for your family.

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