Fun Cheap Summer Activities for Families


Summer is a time for the entire family to have fun.

However, summer can be expensive – so if you are worried about budget constraints putting a damper on your summer fun, worry no more.

There are many activities and places you can frequent as a family without breaking the bank.

Here are 10 fun but cheap summer activities for families everywhere to enjoy

1. Encourage the kids to get out of the house

Encourage your kids to put down their playstations, unplug their X-box and get out of the house and play

If there are no other kids in the area out playing then help the process along a little by contacting some parents of kids in the local area and encourage outdoor play – on their bikes, with a football – there really is nothing like it in the summer and as cheap as you like

2. Go for a bike ride

If you have an active family, you can enjoy family bike rides.

You can visit the local park to ride bikes together on an approved bike path, and many places now hire out bikes at a reasonable rate if you don’t have your own (or are a bit nervous about transporting them).

3. Go to your local park

There are many things you can do in your local park from just going for a stroll or a picnic, or boating on the boating lake

Rediscover the delights of your local area as a family and maybe go for evening strolls after work or school, perhaps once a week on the same night so it becomes a regular thing to look forward to

If you are looking for cheap summer activities for families, then this is probably one of the best ideas

4. Go hiking

If you are feeling a bit more energetic then consider going for a bit of a longer walk and take the day out  to go for a hike

Take a picnic so you can stop half way round and have lunch

There is really nothing like the great outdoors – and it will get you fitter as well

5. Take up a sport together

Tennis is a great summer sport which is relatively low cost

As is golf if you pick the right time to play

Or get a badminton set and set it up in your garden

If you are no good at sport then you can learn together!

6. Take in the local culture

It is always an interesting adventure to visit cities outside of your own neighborhood.

For some good summer fun, do some research on the cities surrounding your town and find some sights that you would like to visit.

Picking a city nearby would cut down it of on petrol costs and would avoid an overnight stay.

Local museums are often free or are very low cost

7. Visit a local farm

If you live in an area where there are lots of farms, why not visit one or two and pick your own fruits?

Many farms offer the option to pick your own berries or apples.

Picking your own fruits is a good way to enjoy quality family time together.

Later you can enjoy a nice fruit salad as a dessert with your freshly picked fruit.

8. Take up gardening

Gardening is a great pastime for families to share in.

Choose a few different fruits and vegetables to grow, keeping the time of year in mind.

Gardening can be a tedious task, but if the whole family invests the time and energy, it can be a great bonding experience.

Share in the tasks and do not be afraid to get dirty together – it’s all part of the experience.

9. Go to the beach

One last idea for some frugal summer fun is to go to a beach together. No beach near your house? No problem – many states have man-made beaches at local parks. Find a close-by river or lake and bask in the sun together. Make a day of it by bringing a picnic lunch, but eat lunch in designated areas – not on the sand.

10. Have a barbecue

You don’t have to be eating out or going out all the time to have fun as a family

Organize a barbecue in your back garden with music and games – much cheaper than a pub or a restaurant and more fun


Cheap Summer Activities for Families

Family fun in the summertime does not have to be expensive.

There are many options that one can exercise to remain within a budget, even a tight one.

Do some research and find a local park or hiking trail and enjoy a picnic. Visits to nearby cities can yield some fun activities, but local visits to farms and beaches can be just as good.

Whatever activity you decide to do, remember to enjoy each other as that is the reason for your outing.

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