Take a Job Skills Assessment to Make The Right Career Choice

A job skills assessment will help you set a clear direction for your future career

If you have teenage children (or are a teenager yourself) then how do you know what is the right job for you?

Or maybe you are looking for a career swap?  Or a stay at home mum looking to return to work after a spell out bringing up the children..

One of the ways you can decide the right job for you is to take a job skills assessment.

Such a self-assessment will allow you to explore your own personality type to find out what you are good at, and determine your values.

• Do you tend to be introverted or extroverted?
• Do you generally remain calm, or do you get nervous easily?
• How organized are you?
• What is your general temperament?
• What are your general interests?
• Do you enjoy risky situations?

There are many job skills assessment tests available online

Some are several hundred questions long.

These tests are designed to determine answers to the questions above.

Sometimes a potential employer will want you to be evaluated before your interview.

However, if you can compose a list that combines your personality traits with skills that you are good at, you can assess your potential careers yourself.

The answer could be in your interests and hobbies ……

By reflecting on your hobbies and interests you may be able to determine a viable career choice.

Try answering these questions and consider the recommendations:

1. Do you tend to like working with tools and objects, or working with other people?

If you do then you may be suited for a career in building, repair, or engineering.

If you enjoy working with others perhaps you’d make a good sales representative, team leader, or manager.

2. Do you prefer things to be concrete and organized, or do you prefer the creative?

Most career choices will involve organization to some degree

But if you prefer creative options then go for a career in art, music, advertising, or photography.

3. Do you like projects that involve a finished physical product, or a social result such as improved self-esteem?

If you prefer to see a finished product, then what about a career in sales or product creation?

Or even a career in science and experimenting.

If you prefer social results, then consider some form of counseling or social work.

4. Do you tend to enjoy business or science?

This is an easy question, but understanding yourself can help you determine whether you would be suited for a career in entrepreneurship or experimentation and research.

5. Do you prefer when things are the same every day or different?

If you prefer a consistent day-to-day routine, consider office work like accounting, or repair and construction work.

If you like to see differences in your day, then consider a creative profession like writing, directing, or designing.

6. Do you prefer to follow or take charge?

If you are a person that tends to take charge, then you will likely make a good team leader.

Look for a career where you get to manage people and lead everyone to a common goal.

7. Are you good at interpreting feelings?

If you have proven to have a high emotional intelligence, then think about teaching or counseling.

These careers require you to understand what your students or clients are feeling and understanding.

Job Skills and Choosing your Career

You should now have a better idea about what kinds of jobs to look for in your career search.

If not, you should at least be able to narrow down your choices to a few categories.

You always have the option of reading books or taking classes in order to get a better understanding of your career choice and to develop your skill set.

Remember that you can do anything you want when you’re determined.

Finding a job in line with your personal preferences helps you take advantage of your passion so you can achieve greater success.

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