Start a Kids Party Planning Business

Start a Kids’ Party Planning Business

kids party planning businessDo you  love kids and parties?

Are you super at organizing and do you have a great eye for detail?

Are you enthusiastic and outgoing?

If so, then a kids’ party organizing business may be just right for you.

Party planning and the organization of parties is a growing trend and birthday parties – especially kids birthday parties – seem to be getting more and more elaborate.

You can actually take advantage of the perceived need for kids to outdo each other and have the biggest and best parties!

And of course this sort of business will allow you to get your creative juices flowing because kids parties really are a blank canvas – from Disney princesses to “cowboys and indians”, from makeover parties to sports themed parties

Great Idea – So How Do I Get Started?

Okay, so firstly you will want to make sure that your personality and skills are suited to this sort of business.

You’ll need to be creative, organized, good at planning and have the ability to “source” anything you need to source

Having an outgoing personality will also help, as well as the ability to liaise with parents, and appeal to the kids

If you’re still thinking that this idea appeals to you then it’s time to get started

The next step, and a crucial one at that, is to decide who your target market will be as generally parents willing to hire a party organizing service will likely have disposable income and be quite happy to spend it on their children.

You’ll also want to be clear on what type of services you’ll provide.

Some party organizing services will handle everything from finding the right theme, to setting up and organizing the party, to decorating and even catering.

Or you may want to offer a specific type of party service only and build up your reputation doing (say) makeover parties or magician parties

Offering an all-in-one service is ideal because this is probably what your customers will want – someone to plan the whole thing from start to finish without too many complications.

Decide What You Are Going to Offer ….

Write a list of what services you’ll offer.

As you do your research, you’ll notice the list may be endless – from providing an ice cream van to hot air balloons!

Of course, you don’t have to start at this level and many of these services can be subcontracted out and if you do subcontract you will need to start to build an address book of people you can use – from flower arrangers to entertainers, caterers to bouncy castle suppliers

This step is important – it will allow you to bound your business any way you want, and you can be clear with parents about what services you offer before you agree to take on any opportunities

What About the Legalities?

You’ll want to start by registering your business and the method of doing this will vary by state to state, country to country .

Do a search for “new business registration” for your local area, or get some advice from a new business startup advisor (banks are often good for this sort of advice, especially if you need to borrow money to get going)

What Do I Need to Start-Up?

You will need an amount of cash to startup this sort of business because your very first party will need you to spend some money before you are paid, but my estimate would be around $2000/ £1500 should get you going.

Write a business plan.  A business plan is vital for any type of business, big or small.

Here is an example of a (free) business plan template for a UK startup

Again, a business advisor can help you do this, but it is important to understand the mechanics of your business – from how much you are going to have to outlay for a party against what you can earn

Equally, if you subcontract or outsource some of your business, how much are you going to put on top of what you are going to pay your subcontractors

Sit down and write a business plan, and make sure you can make this venture a profitable business

How Do I Find Customers?

Advertising locally through banners and perhaps a small ad in the paper is a great starting point.

A magnetic sign on your car with your company logo and information is another good option.

But the main way of finding new clients in this business is through word of mouth.

If parents attending the party see and like what you’ve done, they’ll ask for your details and before you know it, you’ll have a full client list.

Word-of-mouth marketing is extremely important in this type of business so you’ll want to do your absolute best to provide a great service.

You could also put up a website advertising what you do and what services you offer, and get registered in local directories and guides

If you love kids and parties and are highly organized and outgoing, then starting a kids party planning business  may be a fantastic business idea to pursue.

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