How to Build a Wooden Boat

build a wooden boatNow my kids are a little older I have been on the lookout for a new hobby for ages

Golf doesn’t really appeal (apart from the odd social game) and having spent most of my life in IT I was really looking for something a bit more practical, maybe resulting in something which I create in the real world rather than in the virtual world

I took my youngest down to the river the other day – just for a walk and an ice cream. We enjoyed the walk – just catching the last of the summe before autumn set in. Along the river we came to a smaller section cordoned off as a boating lake, and you could hire small rowing boats for half an hour or so.

I hadn’t been in a rowing boat for ages.

But what this little trip did is take me back to my teenage years when I had been fascinated by boats.

And I remembered – I had always wanted to build a wooden boat

Nothing fancy – just a small rowing boat that I could maybe just take out fishing every once in a while

And that rekindled my interest. Wouldn’t it be fun to build a wooden boat?

Now, I am not a hugely practical type, but being a project manager by trade I knew that I needed both a plan and a method

Trouble is I had absolutely no idea where to start so (as always) I trawled the internet, and whilst there are some very helpful videos on YouTube, I couldn’t really find a starting point – something to get me going

And that is when I came across a site call

Master boat builder Martin Reid shares his 17 years of boat building experience with you on this site.

Here’s Martin’s story –

Having developed a passion for boats and “all things marine” as a child, his father bought him his first boat plan on his twelfth birthday. years later, upon the rediscovery of that first boat after his father’s death, he decided to try his hand at building the “real thing” and bought his first set of boat plans for a very basic dinghy. His excitement soon turned to disappointment as he realized the plans simply weren’t easy to understand. After a lot of hard work, countless hours and guessing, he ended up with a half-finished boat he could do nothing with. He ended up buying more plans and trying again. After yet more wasted money and materials, he ended up with another half-finished boat. Naturally, he nearly gave up on his boat-building dreams.

Luckily for him, he ended up meeting a local, master boat builder who was kind enough to take him under his wing and help him follow the plans he had purchased. Thanks to this, his skills eventually improved and he built his first boat. That was just the beginning. Now, he has over 200 original boat plans, written in a simple, step-by-step format, available to you. Following these illustrated, high-quality guides and plans will guide you every step of the way in building a boat of your own.

Each boat plan is so detailed and simple to understand that even someone with no experience can begin building a boat today. The detailed specifications, diagrams and many photos are totally fool proof to keep you from wasting time or money on wasted materials. All of this delivered right to your email inbox; no need to wait for the mailman to bring them.

For what you could spend on one set of boat plans, you can get an entire library of high-quality plans from

And what a library! Whether you’re interested in cabin cruisers, sail boats, hydros or yachts, you can find a plan for it, along with so many others, you’ll never need to buy a boat plan again! The hardest work has been done for you; all you have to do is point and click to begin your boat-building journey

I have to say I was hooked by

I love this type of stuff and can spend hours poring over plans, imagining the steps you need to go through to build such a boat (I think I should have been an architect)

I also hadn’t realized there were so many types of different boats you could build – from small rowing boats (where I had set my sights) up to larger cabin cruisers and houseboats.

And then I realized that you could (with the right mindset and skill) expand this hobby into a small wooden boat building business

At that point I came back to the real world. It is all very well having plans, but if you don’t have the skill and knowledge to execute those plans, you are not going to get very far. And that’s where Martin comes up trumps again in the bonuses he offers

Not only does he offer instant access to all the boat plans – plus over 40 hours of instruction on DVD, he also provides 3D Boat/CAD software, 2 “Boat builders Guides”, a bonus book on Safety Regulations and a Question and Answer Forum for anything not covered by this package


MyBoatPlans So back to me and my daughter.

Will I “take the plunge” and build a wooden boat?

At the moment I’m fifty- fifty – there are practical things need doing round the house and bills to pay first, so it may just get put on hold for a little while.

But building a wooden boat maybe something which is perfect for you, so if that is the case I urge you to check out

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