Start a Calligraphy Business

Start a Calligraphy Business

start a calligraphy businessBefore the introduction of home computers and the ability of everyone who can afford one to use them, people used to handwrite letters as well as address them using pen and ink.

Now that computers and printers are a normal part of nearly everyone’s world, not only handwritten letters are a lost art but also the beautiful handwriting that was used to write them and address the envelopes.

Calligraphy is the lovely handwriting that was used on such things as invitations and other formal writing.

It’s become such a lost art that people who are highly trained in doing this are in high demand, especially at certain times of the year.

Many people choose to have their wedding invitations, graduation announcements and baby announcements addressed by hand using a calligrapher.

If you are someone who has perfected this ability, you can be sought after by many people in the months of May and June, particularly.

Of course, babies are born year round and if you advertise as part of your services that you’ll be happy to address new baby announcements that can keep you a bit busy.

Not only are you not limited to just addressing things, but you can letter such things as diplomas, special ceremony programs, certificates, place cards, and even entire invitations.

It may be the perfect time for you to start a calligraphy business

What Rates Should I Charge?

Choosing rates for different projects may be a bit tricky but you should definitely not charge a flat rate for everything.

Set rates depending on the difficulty of the project, how much time it will take you to do it, and how much you will be spending in supplies.

However, when it comes to supplies, nibs and ink will be staples for your business, so you will have those on hand all the time but will need to replenish them on a regular basis.

You may also need things such as water colors and small paint brushes.

Other than that, startup costs for your calligraphy business should be relatively low

Who Should I Target?

You can choose to specialize in lettering only certain items, or you can decide to branch out all over the place.

Targeting society’s elite can net you a lot of business just from word of mouth.

You may need to do some special things in the beginning to get the attention you deserve.

Set up a website, make some business cards, flyers, take out space in the advertising section of your local telephone book, and basically get the word out about whom you are and what you can do.

Once you have completed a few jobs, you’ll most likely have people contacting you just because they saw your work and liked it.

So Is a Calligraphy Business For Me?

300x250-dThis is a highly specialized occupation that will give you a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment, both personally and professionally.

You will be creating beauty and being paid to do it.

What could be more perfect when it comes to a home business?

It will become even more perfect when people begin to seek you out on a regular basis and all you have to do is decide which jobs you will accept and which ones you just don’t have the time for.

The demand is certainly out there for a calligraphy business – you just need to go out and fulfil it …

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