Define a Time and a Place to Review Your Finances

Here is the latest in our “2 minute success tips” series which focuses on you finding the time and the space to spend an hour a week on your finances.

Life is ruled by order and balance.

When you must review your finances, define a designated time and place to do your budget processing, your weekly financial transactions, and to better your financial knowledge

Then when you finish the hour,  you should also shut down any overwhelming thoughts about money.

  • At the beginning of every month sit down and calculate your budget.
  • Each week spend about an hour firstly paying bills and making sure you are on track.
  • Don’t get stuck on bills though. Instead of thinking about finances all the time, be confident that you are managing your money wisely.

Thinking about bills and money does not help in any way.  It only hinders you from making more money and enjoying your life.

Here’s the important bit …

  • Forgive yourself for any poor decisions you might have made in the past.
  • Accept the things that you cannot change and work to change the things that you can.
  • Define a plan of attack and know that with that plan, know matter what stage you are at, you are taking positive steps towards financial security
  • Use the hour to educate yourself about financial matters – read a book, a newspaper article or find out about pension plans and investments

There are so many better things in life for you to think about than money.

Think about your family or your hobbies and do not give negative thoughts the opportunity to develop in your mind.

So when worries try to overtake you, remind yourself that you will deal with those worries during your “financial hour”

And just remember that your life and those of your loved ones is much greater than anything money can buy.

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Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When is your designated time and place to review finances?
2. Do you carry financial burdens into other areas of my life?
3. What other things can you think about besides your finances?


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