Using Positive Affirmations to Form Better Habits

I’ve recently been using positive affirmations in my day to day life.

An affirmation is a short sentence or two that helps to reinforce positive thoughts.

Here is a good example – a short affirmation with some more thoughts behind it

I find they help with my self-confidence – if I have a tricky meeting or need to have a difficult conversation

They can also really help if you are struggling to form a new habit – say a fitness routine, a new eating regime, or trying to get on top of your money

If you want to know a bit about the psychology of affirmations then here is a really good article on Stephen Aitchinson’s site.

One thing is certain – if you are trying to form a new habit then you really need to have a positive mindset.

You have to be open to allowing yourself to make changes – and this is where using positive affirmations can really help

So Why Would I Want to Start Using Positive Affirmations?

Let’s imagine that you are an “in the moment” spender rather than a budgeter and a planner

This might mean that you tend to overspend month on month – and when you see something you like you get the credit card out.

You may regret your purchase

And such a habit may be causing you a problem – both short and long term

By using a money related affirmation you will start to be more aware of how and where you are spending your money.

A positive affirmation will get you to think about having to provide a home for your family and putting food on the table instead of your more frivolous spending habits.

When you begin to value your money for those you love, you can reduce and eventually eliminate your bad spending habits.

Positive Affirmations Are Not a Quick Fix

One thing to understand is that positive affirmations are not a quick fix.

In fact, far from it – you still need to make good choices and have the willpower and determination to stick to your new habit.

But if you start saying affirmations twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, they will help you keep positive.

The key is consistency

Bad Habits Can Destroy Your Life …

So it is worth taking the time to break them and replace them with new ones.

Again with the money example, what would happen if you are spending your mortgage money on your whims?

You will probably end up losing your home and possibly your family too. Would that be worth it?

By taking the time to work on improving your outlook on your life with affirmations, you can make huge positive changes.

What Affirmations Should I Use?

Affirmations will be different for every person

Some people I know like to say a different one every day

Others tend to find their favourites and stick to them, changing their favourites as needed

The key is finding affirmations that work for you

You can search the internet and start using positive affirmations to help you in your day to day life

And that is where I can help

I have a collection of 30 affirmations (a “Starter Pack” if you like) which is available for you to download free

You can get the “Using Positive Affirmations Starter Pack” below and start using positive affirmations today

If you are interested then I have a bigger collection of xxxx affirmations so you have a much bigger choice – use a different one a day or pick your favourites …  you can purchase the “Big Book of Positive Affirmations” here

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