10 Highly Effective Working From Home Tips

10 Working From Home Tips

Here are some great working from home tips if you work from home on a regular basis, or even if you are considering working from home as an option.

More and more people are working from home these days as big companies realize the savings that they could make in office space and utilities and actually encourage homeworking and telecommuting.

So if you do work for a company where working from home is a viable proposition then go and ask the question of your line manager, you may be surprised by the response you get.

Alternatively more and more people are starting off small businesses from home, and this sort of business has been made more viable due to the rise of the internet and all the possibilities that interaction over the web can bring.

You don’t necessarily need a bricks and mortar storefront any more, if you want to sell stuff you can due it virtually, from the comfort of your living room.

There is also the possibility of starting up a home business providing services online to webmasters or business owners who need things done in order to run and promote their business.

In whatever capacity you are considering working from home, whether it is through a work from home job, or running your own business, before you take the plunge it is wealth worth considering the implications.

In fact it’s important to recognize that working from home is not for everybody, but it does suit many people because of the situation they may find themselves in.

So here are some great working from home tips if you are considering working at home – be it full or part time, your own business or working for somebody else

Here are my top 10 working from home tips for success – to stay sane when you are working from home (gleaned from around 15 years working from home at regular intervals)

10 Working From Home Tips

1) Treat Working From Home Like You Were Going to Work

I know the idea of working in your pyjamas is appealing but I always treat working from home in a professional manner as if I was working in the office.

This includes having a shower in the morning and dressing as if you were working in the office

Download “working from home tips” as a PDF

It is important to get the right equipment when you are working from home – this includes

  • Hardware – a laptop or desktop, printer, necessary connections, phone,fax if needed
  • Software – make sure you have all the right software you need to do your job, including communication software
  • Connectivity – broadband is vital, plus a mobile or second landline. If you need conferencing facilities or instant messaging get hold of i
  • Office equipment – paper,stationary etc
  • Furniture – it’s tempting to work from home with a laptop on the sofa but you need to abide by proper health and safety rules and maintain good posture etc when you are working from home

3) Assign Office Space

Assign some sort of office space in your house. Ideally this would be a separate room with a desk, filing cabinet and equipment but this is not always possible.

If it isn’t possible then assign yourself some space where it is clear to all the family that is where you work.. they will soon get used to it and by doing this they will learn to avoid that space when you are working … if you move around the house when working everybody is confused.

4) Use Communication Tools

Make sure you use all the communication tools necessary to do your job.

This will keep you in touch with the office and with the outside world. This includes

  • Skype/Teams/Zoom
  • Instant Messaging
  • Video Conference
  • Audio Conference
  • eMail
  • Project and document sharing tools

Download “working from home tips” as a PDF

5) Set Boundaries for Your Family and Friends

This is the biggest thing that people moan about when working from home – that friends and family “just pop in” or that you can be interrupted at any time.

Or that you are available to “do jobs” just because you are not at the office.

You can nip this in the bud by setting and agree clear boundaries with friends and family

Times when you are available and times when you are not …

A mental “do not disturb” sign if you like

This is probably top of my  working from home tips

6) Set Boundaries for Yourself

The flip side of setting boundaries for your friends and family is setting boundaries for yourself

In particular times when you can be interrupted, and times when you have “finished work” and stick to them.

If your children know that you are finishing work at 5pm then they will be more inclined to wait until 5pm to interrupt you…

But you must stick to the rules if you possibly can, if you don’t stick to them, then it’s unlikely your family will be willing to …

7) Go Out for Lunch/Walk/Gym

Make sure you at least break for lunch and go out if you can.

Any sort of human interaction will help even if it is posting a letter at the post office.

Meet up for coffee with friends if you can or just go for a walk and get some exercise – it will help your concentration in the afternoon

8) Remember the Advantages of Working From Home

And remember why you do it…

including the 2 second commute, no expense of commute, no irritating colleagues, boss, the freedom to set your own agenda etc

9) Join a Local Group of Work From Home Telecommuters

Find and join a local group of people who work from home – either those that have their own business or those that work from home general.

The shared experience will do you good and you can also share working from home tips based on your own and others experiences

10) Go Into The Office Once in a While (If You Can)

If you telecommute (ie working for an employer) then make a point of going into the office at least once every couple of weeks.

This will keep your face known, you can keep up with the latest gossip and pickup on any updates you need to face to face

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There you have my top 10 Working From Home Tips.

Please add any comments  or working from home tips you can think of 

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