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Start a Dog Walking Business TodayIf you love dogs (or maybe if you have one yourself) and don’t mind getting out and about then why not consider starting a dog walking business?

It is the sort of business that can be run very part time, could be run before and/or after work, and could even be a great kids or teenagers money making idea before or after school or when the owners are on holiday.

But is there a demand for a dog walking business, or dog walking services?

Consider that all dogs need to go for regular walks no matter how big or small they are. Then consider the fact that more and more households need two wage earners to make ends meet, and if they have a dog that dog could be very well left in the house all day with no exercise and nothing to occupy it.

So it is very likely that dog owners would jump at the chance of somebody taking their dog out for a walk every day, and that is where you come in.

These walks should ideally be at a regularly fixed time, so that during their walk the dog has the opportunity to do all its’ business outside. Irregular dog walks end up with their owners receiving unexpected smelly gifts at home!

It is for this reason that running a dog walking business is considered a realistic money making opportunity.

It may not make you rich, but it offers you with a side income and provides you great exercise too!

All you have to do as a dog walker is to go to the dog owner’s home and take the dog out for a walk!

Of course, prior to walking the dog, you may have to make a visit or two to familiarize yourself with each other, and you will need to make sure that you can prove you are trustworthy and reliable

With experience, you can also plan a specific exercise routine for the dog, which you and the dog can do together, and over time you might be able to add more than one dog to your routine, thereby optimizing your time.

When visiting the dog owner’s house, make sure that you ask the owner about the dog’s daily routine, so that you will not break it. Find out the health of the dog and the dog’s temperament.

The dog owner may also need some information from your side on your visit. The longer you associate and understand animals, the faster they take to you and the more confidence the dog owner will have in you!

It is always better to have someone else working with you in your dog walking business as a backup.

This is to ensure the dog owner that you will maintain continuity in dog walking, as you have a replacement walker if you fall sick or go on a vacation.
If you have insurance, bonding, or certification the dog owner will have added confidence in you!

There is no point in charging a high rate for your dog walking services but you should make it worth your while you could charge according to the dog and its’ temperament and size on the basis that the harder it is to manage the dog, the higher the rate! Whatever the dogs temperament handle it with love and respect, as this is vital in maintaining a good reputation for you and your services!

Some people may need you to walk their dog everyday, and others only when they are on vacation. However, it is better to mention to all dog owners that it is recommended that dogs have at least one-hour of active exercise everyday to remain healthy

Remember you are offering your services as a dog walker to reduce the stress on the dog owner’s responsibilities of taking their dog out on regular walks so if you do your duty as a dog walker dutifully you will have a successful business as a dog walker

A Dog Walking Business: More Reading:

I did a bit of a scour of the internet and found the “Pet Sitting And Dog Walking Business Start-up Kit” which is a business start-up kit for pet sitters & dog walkers and contains everything new business owners need To start and/or manage their pet sitting and dog walking business

Plus here are 10 pet business ideas for pet related businesses which are easy to startup

A dog walking business is a fantastic business idea because it is the sort of business which you can run full or part-time, have just one client or lots, and get the family involved, as well as giving you plenty of exercise opportunities.  It could also be an excellent start-up for teenagers as an alternative to a paper round and will guarantee lots of exercise for them.

Good luck if a dog walking business is the route you decide to take!

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