15 Killer Ways to Make Extra Money at Christmas

How to Make Extra Money at Christmas!

Christmas provides an excellent opportunity for anybody to make some extra money (perhaps even pay for Christmas itself) by providing useful services to people in your local area.

Here is a list I have put together which anybody (adults, teenagers, even younger children in some instances) can pick up and run with.

Hopefully one will appeal to you and even if not the case, it might get you thinking about things you could do (or family members could do)  to earn a little extra money to put towards Christmas

Some of these are good business ideas in themselves, which could extend your earnings well beyond christmas and provide “nice little earners” all year ling

Here we go … 15 Ways to Make Extra Money at Christmas

1. Install Christmas Lights

Exterior christmas lights are getting more and more popular and the choices and range of products are constantly expanding.  

Why not take advantage of this and start a christmas lights installation service (and indeed a taking down service) in your local area?

You will need sturdy ladders and a head for design but this could be a really lucrative business idea

2. Christmas Tree “Interior Design”

For those design conscious people in your area why not offer an “internal” Christmas decoration service – coordinating tree lights with the other decorations in the house.

For people with a flare for design offering to people who don’t!

3. Offer a Snow Clearing Service

Obviously relevant to people living in snowy areas and not a guaranteed income, but if it does snow heavily where you live, get out that shovel and get clearing

4. Start a “Letter From Santa” Business

You could start a business offering families a personalized “letter from Santa”.  

You would be advised to set up an online service for this, perhaps starting up a website to take orders

This is an example of a business that could really “take off” and expand beyond your local area using the power of the internet

5. Offer a Grocery/Gift Collection Service

Groceries, presents, anything really – you could offer a collection and delivery service in your local area.  

You could offer this to older members of the community who may not be up to speed on the internet and you could even offer a “put the groceries away” service as well (though you would have to prove yourself trustworthy).  

Download “Make Extra Money at Christmas” as a PDF

6. Start a Christmas Card Delivery Service

With the cost of postage rising why not offer a service to deliver Christmas cards in your local area – say within a couple of miles radius – for a fixed cost – say 50 cards for $10.  

It’s not a lot but could be a nice little earner for teenagers.

7. Start a Christmas Wrapping Service

Most people I know hate Christmas wrapping and I for one would gladly outsource it to someone else for a small fee!

You will need patience, an eye for design, and tons of sellotape, ribbons and gift tags

8. Start a Baby Sitting Service

This really is probably more suited to teenagers which could be a really good opportunity for your kids to earn extra money over the christmas period.

People tend to go out more over Christmas and often need babysitters.

This could be a really good one for New Year if you are prepared to forego your own new years celebrations – why not consider a small creche, just for the evening?

9. Offer a Pet Sitting Service

If people do go away over the Christmas period you could offer a service minding their pets either in your home or theirs.

This is the sort of small business which you can extend beyond Christmas

Or you could offer a simple dog walking service

This would help you make extra money at Christmas and beyond

10. Setup an Online Store

You could set up an online store selling Christmas gifts or giving hints and tips as to how to get through Christmas on a blog…

11. Make Greetings Cards

If you are good at crafts then you could make your own Christmas cards and either send them to friends and family (potentially saving money) or sell them at craft fairs, local shops, church etc

Download “Make Extra Money at Christmas” as a PDF

12. Make Gifts

Again, if you are at all crafty why not consider making your own Christmas gifts (and saving money) or if they are good enough, selling them.

Here are some craft areas you might want to consider

  • Greetings cards (see above)
  • Christmas decorations
  • Christmas Crackers
  • Christmas Centrepieces
  • Jewelry
  • Pottery
  • Trinkets …..

Bet you can think of many more

13. Offer a Catering Service

This may be a little specialist but there are all sorts of catering services you could offer and not just at Christmas.

From a full Christmas party spread to a service being “chef for a night” – if you are talented at cooking or catering then think about what sort of catering service you could provide

This is an idea not just to make extra money at Christmas, but could be all year round

14. Provide Christmas Gadgets Technical Support

If you have ever sat up all of Christmas Eve, or worst still try and construct something or work out technical instructions on Christmas Day

Wouldn’t it have been useful to have someone to turn to for advice or just for an extra pair of hands? 

If you are good technically or practically, why not offer “Christmas Day In House Technical Support” for your local area?

15. Bake Christmas Cakes and Puddings For Sale

Probably a little too late for this year but think about Christmas cakes, puddings, mince pies which can be prepared early, and take pre-orders for next Christmas.  

Just make sure your numbers add up and you are returning a profit – it is easy to get carried away with expensive ingredients if you are not careful

Make Extra Money at Christmas – Summary

These are just a few ideas to make extra money at Christmas.

Some may spark something in you, some you may dismiss as ridiculous – but what you need to accept is that all of them are possibilities to make money

Why not take one idea and run with it this Christmas and see where it gets you…?

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