10 Simple but Effective Time Management Tips

10 time management tips

This article contains 10 top time management tips – specifically addressing the issue of how to manage your own time much better

Think back to the last time that you ever felt really overloaded at work,

Or stressed out at home simply because there is “too much to do” in the hours you have been given in any one day?

Was it yesterday?

Was it today?

Is it every day?

It can be really difficult to balance the needs of work with those of your partner and family.

Add in your own hobbies and interests (and time to sleep of course), then it is no wonder people struggle to manage their time.

The good news is that you can effectively increase productivity and alleviate unnecessary stress by adopting sound time management skills.

If you are feeling overwhelmed (and really struggling to manage your time), it might be time to make some changes.

Fear not – the following highly effective time management tips can help you settle into a productive routine and reduce stress from your daily activities.

Try them all to see what works best for you.

Time Management Tips #1: Keep a Journal.

I have kept a journal for about the last year now and I find that it really helps at both the beginning at the end of the day to organize my thoughts.

You are also much more likely to uncover time-wasting activities when they’re written down.

Keep a daily work-flow journal to evaluate how you’re spending your time both at work and at home

  • Are you going to too many meetings at work?
  • Are you actually working too many hours?
  • Do you actually waste time on unnecessary activities without even realizing it?

Review your journal from time to time and take steps to cut out anything which is unnecessary

Time Management Tips #2: Schedule Your Day.

At the end of each workday spend 5 minutes and write out a list of tasks to complete for the next day

Then prioritize it by spending some time rearranging the tasks from the most to least important.

For the most important tasks put an entry in your diary and if you can set a “do not disturb” during that time.

This is useful at home as well as work – if you are cleaning the bathroom then don’t answer the phone when you have the toilet brush in your hand

Time Management Tips #3: Set a Time Limit and Split the Task

Set a time frame for portions of the work.

For example, if you need to input figures into a PC and file the paperwork, perform the data entry today and save the filing for tomorrow.

Just make sure that you do complete both sides of the task or you will have a half-finished job

Time Management Tips #4:Reduce Distractions.

Close the office door, shut off the cell phone and close down the browser.

Unless of course you need any of those things to complete the task in hand

Every second you spend away from your planned day means less work is getting done.

Time Management Tips #5: Say No and Stick to Your Plan.

Don’t take on any new clients until you’ve taken care of existing customers.

Put a “do not disturb” notice on your messaging system and make sure colleagues know you are not available

Politely decline any new work, and explain why it’s impossible to deviate from your plan.

Time Management Tips #6: Take Necessary Breaks, Often.

Sitting hunched over a desk, staring at a computer screen can take a toll on anybody.

Learn to get up and walk away as needed.

Grab a drink, stretch, or step outside for some fresh air.

These simple activities will counteract stiffness and neck strain.

They may also give you a fresh perspective on the task in hand

Time Management Tips #7: Challenge Your Abilities.

Use a timer set for short spurts of time (about 10-15 minutes) and work feverishly to beat the clock.

Sometimes all we need is a little challenge to get us motivated and keep on track.

Time Management Tips #8: Break Bigger Tasks Into Smaller Jobs.

Plan out a weekly schedule where bigger tasks are divided into smaller jobs.

Delegate a portion of the work to a virtual assistant or a colleague

This allows you to chip away at larger projects and not just concentrate on the immediate issues

Time Management Tips #9: Outsource the Work.

It’s not imperative that you do everything. Share the workload with others.

Internet marketers often outsource to-do lists to a third party; learn to do the same.

Time Management Tips #10: Enrol in a Time Management Course.

Time management skills are a result of great organization and implementation skills.

If you need lack in one or the other, seek outside training.

A time management class (online or offline) can make a big difference.

You can easily reduce stress and build productivity with these highly effective time management techniques.

Some may work better than others, but you can neglect the ones you don’t care for and rearrange the rest to suit your daily needs.

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