Start a Resume Writing Service

Have you ever thought about starting a resume writing service for those people out there changing jobs or seeking a new career?

Consider this: Everyone seeks employment for a source of income at one time or the other in his or her lives.

To get employment, it is necessary for a candidate to have a portfolio or resume to present to their potential employer.

This is because the portfolio or resume provides all the necessary information about the qualifications of the candidate to the potential employer. Before making any decision to add another employee or contractor, an employer first needs to know why the applicant is the best person for the job.

This means all personal particulars, education level, previous work experience, any applicable hobbies, areas of specialization, and any other information that may be relevant to the position hoped for has to be included in the portfolio or resume.

However, not everyone out there can actually write a convincing portfolio or resume to hand over to the employer.

The good news is that there are templates available on the internet to produce a convincing resume – but in truth, especially in today’s competitive job market – candidates need to stand out from the crowd, and this could include

  • Producing a resume which will really stand out (as opposed to one which appears to be “trying too hard”)
  • Tailoring a resume for each position applied for
  • Writing a covering letter (really important today) for each position applied for
  • Writing a follow-up thank you letter after each interview attended

Can you see that job seekers need help in all different areas of the job application process – so rather than starting a resume creation service maybe you could take one step further and start a “job seeker’s portfolio” service which incorporates all of the services described above


As a backup to this here is an interesting article at which shares some research

  • 54 percent of job seekers don’t customize their resume for each employer
  • 84 percent of job seekers don’t find out the hiring manager’s name and personalize the application
  • 45 percent of job seekers don’t include a cover letter with their resume
  • 57 percent of job seekers don’t send thank-you notes after an interview



In short – there is a huge opportunity for anyone who has a good command of the English language, and is able to write the portfolio in an attractive manner.

Be Industry Specific

Instead of creating job resumes for all types of jobs, it may be better to concentrate on a single industry and maybe in an area where you have some experience already

As an example,  I am a project manager by trade so I can specifically relate to what an employer may be seeking from a project management professional

Even if you have had some formal training in a certain field like hotel or healthcare, it should prove to be sufficient experience to create a convincing resume. Knowing the jargon really helps

Whilst being industry specific does narrow your potential client base, it does make you more competitive in your area of expertise and potentially allows you to build your reputation more quickly

Getting Started

Here is an interesting article at the penny hoarder which outlines how 4 different people got started providing such a service – from somebody that provides a job portfolio service full time, to somebody who runs the service as a “side gig”

Here are some ways you could get started

  • Make some sample resumes first (including your own), perhaps some for friends and family – or perhaps your first few clients could be free so that you can build up some testimonials
  • Post to freelancing sites such as, Upwork, Freelancer
  • Post to career sites such as Indeed, Monster,
  • There are a number of companies which provide such a service so why not apply to them to get started – Resume Genius
  • Or seek out resources for freelance writers such as
  • There are also professional organizations you can join, and certifications you can achieve to add a certain gravitas and professionalism to your business.  Go seek them out in the country or area you live but bear in mind that you could be providing services worldwide
  • Seek out companies which provide such a service so why not apply to them to get started – Resume Genius
  • Create a website and a facebook page and start promoting your services on the web – a logo for your business is always a good idea
  • If your service is more “local” then consider letterheads and business cards
  • Remember that you will have to collect all the particulars of the person seeking your services. including  all certificates of courses and degrees the candidate has, to include the correct information of the candidate, as well as all relevant work experience, so you will need a computer, printer, a good word processing package, and also the ability to communicate over the internet (such as Skype)

A resume writing service/job portfolio service is one of those businesses that has low start-up costs, can be done part-time or full-time, and is definitely in demand, so if you have a talent in this area you should really be thinking about getting in as soon as you can.

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