How to Become a Freelance Copywriter

One of the best, fastest, and often easiest ways to earn money is by offering an in-demand service.

If you can find something others are willing to pay you for, that they can’t necessarily do themselves, you can earn handsomely.

Copywriting is one such service.

You could become a freelance copywriter

One of the best groups to target as a service provider is business owners.

The business-to-business market is thriving and it most likely always will be.

Of course, some of the services you might provide seem a bit oversaturated.

If you’re a writer, there’s plenty of business out there for you, but how do you really differentiate yourself?

There are plenty of writers out there who are offering their services at bottom of the barrel prices.

That’s not exactly exciting if you’re a writer or you’re keen on offering writing services but you’re not sure how you’ll set yourself apart.

I will say– there are plenty of ways you can set yourself apart as a freelance writer.

But, here and now, I’ll give you a bit of a shortcut.

What you can do to differentiate yourself immediately is to offer your services as a freelance copywriter.

As someone offering freelance copywriting services, you’ll instantly be able to set yourself apart from other writers and service providers.

There are so few good copywriters offering services that you’ll have a leg up on the competition.

Copywriting is one of those things that’s a bit of a mixture of an art form and a science.

When you understand the mechanics of it and learn how to implement the psychology of it, you can do a really great job of writing copy for businesses.

There are relatively few out there who know how to do this. The real secret is that it’s not as hard as most people think to write great copy.

There are plenty of really great examples out there that you can use to start to train yourself, as well as guides and eBooks on how to write great copy

The fact that some are so intimidated by the idea of writing their own copy or of offering this as a service is great news for you.

You can swoop in and start offering your own copywriting services to clients who will think you walk on water because of what you’re able to accomplish for them.

What You Can Charge As a Freelance Copywriter?

Let’s get this out of the bag first thing. How much can you really earn as a copywriter?

There are plenty of freelance writers out there who write articles for $5 a pop and often less.

That’s not enough to make a living.

That’s enough to turn some people off from writing for others altogether.

You could become a premium article writer and charge more than that.

There’s a lot of opportunity out there to do just that.

But, you’ll still probably have to write a lot of content to earn a pretty good living. That’s not such a big deal if you’re a fast and practiced writer.

As with anything, you can earn even more once you’ve proven yourself.

Let’s say you want to skip ahead, straight to the part where you can earn more.

Whether you want to earn a full-time income by providing a service or you’re using it to generate seed money for other business ventures, the more money, the merrier.

Copywriters are considered premium.

They are highly in demand. If you are willing to study and practice, you can quickly become a copywriter who charges a pretty penny for your services.

There’s a wide range when it comes to what you can charge.

There are plenty of copywriters who charge several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per sales letter they write.

The good news about that is that sales letters are typically not all that long when compared to the length you’d write for articles and ebooks.

You might write 1,000-4,000 words for a long form sales letter. You can get paid thousands for doing so.

There are some sales letters that are a lot quicker and easier to write. Some specialize in this quick sort of content.

They might write 1,000 words and charge a couple hundred dollars for it, or more.

Once again, there’s a wide range. So, I can’t tell you exactly what you can earn.

What I can tell you is that you can earn a lot more for your time writing copy than you can for writing articles or similar.

What you might do is start to research copywriters you admire.

They may list what they charge.

That can give you a solid idea of what you might charge, based on your level of results, experience, and talent.

If you’re willing to work hard at it, you can almost certainly earn a full-time income as a copywriter selling your services to businesses.

What I’m recommending is that you work from home as a copywriter for businesses.

You can write sales letters for offline and/or online businesses from the comforts of home.

How to Develop the Skills You Need to Succeed As a Copywriter?

I recommend you start to study what you can get your hands on.

Check out and buy the top-rated copywriting books on Amazon, or venture down to your local library to see what you can find.

Check out blogs like and find the most popular articles.

One of the best and fastest ways to learn the ins and outs of copywriting is to find sales letters you know are high converting in the niche you want to become an expert in.

Take out a pad and a pen.

Write the full sales letter out by hand.

As you do this, you’ll naturally study and absorb the structure and music of the words.

Your brain (as long as you’re free from distractions) will naturally start to absorb what it means to be a copywriter. What you produce is for your own use and study, of course.

You can also keep a file of swipe material you think is really effective from sales letters and copy you come across.

You never want to copy what you find. You should remain inspired by what you find.

Start practicing writing sales letters.

Write a sales letter to advertise your services as a copywriter.

You’ll get good, fast, if you follow this method.

Study and practice a little each day.

You can start out charging a lower fee, get your client’s results, and then move your prices up from there as your talent and reputation grows.

Become a Freelance Copywriter – To Your Success

As you gain experience, you can declare yourself a copywriter.

Learn to set yourself apart from others who are offering this as a service.

Build your income and your reputation.

Make sure you fully understand the audience and the needs of the business for each sales letter you write.

Do this, and you can absolutely become successful in offering your services as a copywriter.

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