Make Money By Giving Stuff Away

In essence, this method of making money involves promoting offers that are free to the consumer, but you get paid a commission (usually $1 to $10) if they sign up for whatever the offer is asking them to do

  • It may be a free trial of something
  • Or an incentive to join a newsletter or mailing list

This is called “Cost Per Lead” (or CPL) and the beauty of it is that you are not actually selling anything, you are effectively giving stuff away for free and you get paid for it

I’ll be straight with you – this method originally didn’t make my top 10 because I didn’t believe that you could make enough money from it to justify the time spent

It is similar to affiliate marketing but the beauty of it is that the customer does not need to make a purchase for you to earn money

I’ll repeat that if it didn’t sink in the first time

The customer does not need to make a purchase for you to earn money

The other reason that people (including myself) have tended to avoid this method is that you generally need to signup with an affiliate network provider which sometimes requires a telephone interview.

This has meant that you really needed a business in place before adopting this method, and whilst that is sometimes still the case, there are ways to handle this requirement.

Now I don’t usually endorse an ebook or method wholeheartedly but I have just been through an eBook which teaches this method from start to finish (including the affiliate network part), told in an entertaining and “different” sort of way as it’s interspersed with a story

It is called Month One and you can get it here

It is also a good example of me (an affiliate marketer) promoting a product to you.

If you buy it I will get a commission

So, direct from the sales page:

Month One teaches you how to devise, develop, operate, and grow a professional affiliate business, promoting offers that are free to the consumer. It is, in a nutshell, an A to Z education, an entire business in a book. You will promote affiliate offers that Joe and Jane Consumer can get for free and, in so doing, you can earn affiliate commissions that range from $1 to $10, and in some cases even more.”

I can say nothing more than if this method appeals to you then go ahead and buy the eBook, as it will guide you through the process of setting up a business top to bottom and can actually be used as the basis for any online business

Granted, the writing style might not be your cup of tea (you’ll see what I mean if you buy it), and it is very “different” – but interspersed throughout the book are some real gems as to how to go about building a sustainable online business whether you chose to go down the CPL route or not

(Oh, and all links to Month One on this page are affiliate links which means I get paid a commission if you buy the product – but you can thank me later when this method forms the cornerstone for your money making ventures)

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