Money Management

finance your home business

20 Ways to Spend a Thousand Dollars Wisely

Imagine if you suddenly received a small windfall of around $1000. How would you got about spending it? Here are 20 ways you could spend that $1000 dollars wisely

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The Law of Attraction – the Short Version

You’ve probably heard of the law of attraction but may not really know what it’s all abut. Here is the very short version

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Managing Your Debt

Know and Avoid Your Debt Triggers

Debt triggers are, simply put, the triggers or events that make you overspend

Everyone has different debt triggers. Therefore, knowing which debt triggers apply to you is really important if you want to get on top of your finances.

Here are some common ones, do any of the debt triggers below apply to you?

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how to stop emotional spending

How to Stop Emotional Spending

How to stop emotional spending. If spending when you are down is a problem for you then our top tips should help

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A Simple Home Money Management System

Our simple home money management system will help you get on top of your finances and move forward in your life

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family budget

7 Tips When Running a Family Budget

I talk quite a lot on this site about the importance of budgeting and it struck me that running a successful budget – be it a family budget or even a work budget – is not just about creating the budget in the first place and getting everything down on paper.

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