The Public Speaking Handbook

public speaking skills

The Public Speaking Handbook is all you’ll ever need to be able to craft and deliver speeches that will dazzle your audience and ensure you get through it calm, cool and collected.

You’ll learn some tricks of the trade on how to research information about the subject of your speech. The exercises at the end of each chapter will help you craft your speech and provide tips about how to deliver it in a masterful way.

Compiling a speech that will be both dynamic and that will connect with your audience is just as important as the speck delivery. If you hate research or don’t know how, this handbook will provide you with information to help you zero in on your subject and ‘hunt and gather’ the information your audience wants and needs.

Analyzing the group you’ll be speaking to is also addressed in the handbook. You should know your audience even before you begin to craft the speech from the information you’ve gathered. For example, does your audience know a bit about the subject you’re presenting or do you need to begin from Square One?

After you’ve gathered and compiled your speech information and know what type of audience you’ll be addressing, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of writing your speech. While the introduction is important to capture your audience’s attention, the remainder of the speech should keep them riveted.

The conclusion of the speech is also all-important. It should leave your audience wanting more information and wondering how the time passed so fast. You’ll learn tricks of the trade of some of the most amazing public speakers of our time that will help you craft a dazzling speech that your audience will remember for a long time.

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