The internet has opened up so many new business ideas and I will attempt (as we go through the Big 365) to hi-light as many as I can

Here is an idea (like many) that wouldn’t appeal to everyone. It doesn’t appeal to me as I honestly wouldn’t know who to sell to.

But it may appeal to you, and that is why I present it here

The other day I saw a guy sell something that immediately caught my attention (and of a lot of other people). There was nothing unique about the stuff he was selling. What was unique was the way those small things had been made. He was really busy selling those things.

This guy was selling disciple crosses (patented by the company

There is a company called “Disciple’s Cross” who provide all the material and instructions about how to prepare disciple crosses.

In essence you buy a kit from this company and prepare the crosses yourself. The company also offers to buy the crosses that you make in this way.

You can make these crosses at home and mail them across to the company who will then pay you if the crosses pass their quality test.

You can also sell these crosses by yourself i.e. instead of selling them to the company (who might or might not need them at that time); you can sell them in the local markets too.

In fact, it’s much better to sell these crosses in local markets because not only will you earn more profits but will also do away with the dependency on acceptance of crosses by the company. You can either sell the crosses by setting up stalls in local fairs and trade shows or you can offer commission to shopkeepers (gift shops and other related shops) for selling these crosses for you.

Local churches, local Christian book stores, boutiques and fund raisers are other marketing/sales avenues for you.

You can start with keeping the price low ($5/£3) or something like that, as an introductory offer, and then move on to ramp it up to $10 per piece. But don’t go beyond $10. You can offer variety in terms of the chains that go with the crosses. You can sell either just the pendant or the complete necklace. You might use your creative mind to add or alter the design in some way or use different colors.

Once your business gets going, you can look at getting the material at wholesale rates. Just look in the local yellow pages or on the internet and you should be able to find some wholesale dealers in you area. Disciple’s cross too can provide you with material at a very good price.

Tip: Christmas can be used as a good opportunity for selling these crosses. Just package them into an attractive gift package with a thread to hang these on Christmas trees.

You can advertise through newspaper inserts or by posting flyers to bulletin boards at grocery stores and laundry mats. Moreover, spread the word around by sending pamphlets to friends and acquaintances. These pamphlets can be simple computer printouts on colored paper. A simple website will help in reaching out to the whole world. Moreover, you could accept orders and payments through the website (e.g. using paypal).

So just take this business idea and run with it.