Money Making Ideas for 2018

The internet has opened up a whole new set of possibilities for those looking to either just set-up a new business or indeed for those that are looking to make a little bit extra to pay off a few bills or go out for a nice meal.

In the old days earning extra money might involve getting a bar job, delivering telephone directories or filling envelopes, or perhaps getting involved in a pyramid style business such as Amway or Pampered Chef

But now anybody with the will and the drive can get online and start making money.

So …. here are my top 10 money making ideas, updated for 2018

The consistent thread running through all these ideas is that:

  • You can set them up on your own (solopreneur in the modern parlance)
  • They require minimal investment (often just a domain name and hosting to get you started – maybe $20-$30) other than your time
  • They can run without you leaving your house
  • They can run alongside current commitments
  • They can be run at evenings and weekends
  • (With work) they all have the potential to upscale and possibly replace your current job but I urge you not to have any thoughts of quitting your job until you have a fully established business
  • You don’t necessarily need to talk to anyone

They do, however, require work to set-up (and maintain).  There is no “push button solution” (at least not to my knowledge) where you push a few keys, make a payment and then the laptop churns out money

These are all ideas which will need setup work, will need maintenance work, but the beauty of them is that you can set them up alongside anything else you are doing at minimal cost

Oh, and if I had to choose a couple myself I would go for #1 in the first instance (which may surprise you a little) and then #3 (which does involve buying an eBook BUT that eBook actually contains step by step guide for some of the other ideas.  It’s also my February 2018 (and probably March and April and May) “Product of the Month”

Enjoy and good luck!

Affiliate Statement:  Note that there are links in this article which are affiliate links – meaning that if you purchase a product through that link I will get a commission :). Please note that I will only place my affiliate links on products I either i) use in my business or ii) I have bought but do not use in my business, but it may be of use to you in your business (and I recommend it)

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