Money Making Ideas for 2018

Sort out personal finances

I know what you are thinking.

“Sorting out my finances first is not a money making idea – I want to crack on with making more money, not looking at what I have got coming in already”

But I would argue against that viewpoint

If sorting out your finances results (at the end of the week/month/year) in you have more money in your back pocket then it is a money making idea.

Think about it, a penny saved is a penny saved

But a penny earned is (after deductions) often only half a penny

So I urge you to start here – before you kick off anything to do with a new business, spend some time with your existing finance.

You will be surprised at what difference you can make

An Hour a Week …

I recommend setting aside an hour a week at the same time (say a Sunday morning) where you solely concentrate on matters financial

Do this every week and you will soon be on tops of things

You will also find (after time) that you stop worrying about money at other times.  Your “one hour” is the time to  worry – though you won’t be worrying because you will be actioning…

Here is an article which should help you on your way

Get Started …

To start with take 2 approaches

  • How can I reduce my current outgoings?
  • How do I get control of my finances?

So first step is to see what you do earn today and take steps to maximize those earnings.

Here are some areas you could look at

    • Make a budget and take steps to stick to it
    • Can you get a better deal on your mortgage (and any other secured borrowing) ?
    • If you have credit cards could you balance transfer to one with a lower interest rate?
    • Can you take steps to reduce your utility bills?
    • Or your grocery shop?
    • Or your fuel costs?


After a few weeks you will start seeing the benefit.

Get Financial Advice

But please, please, please if you are making any major financial decisions (such as re-mortgaging, taking life insurance or investing) please go and see a qualified financial advisor in your local area for some impartial advise

Check out my money management articles 

There are all sorts of topics covered, mostly around budgeting, but all worth a good read


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