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top money management tipsWherever you are reading this in the world, welcome to 

DadCash houses lots of money management tips and resources which I hope will help you along the way to managing your families finances

First a bit about me – my name is Andy, I live with my family in the UK and I am the webmaster (grand term) for and have basically  written all the articles on the site

DadCash basically puts together everything I have learned about managing your money as a family over the past 20 years or so into one place.

I have lots of resources on the site including articles on money management, the financial education of kids, and especially how to effectively budget your finances

Also, look out for  odd free planner thrown in

If you need to sort out your finances or manage your money in any way then DadCash should be for you

My financial mantra is “always be looking to earn more than you spend” (which I think comes from a position of an abundant mindset)

Personally, I think this is a more positive spin than the reverse “always be looking to spend less than you earn” (which comes from a position of frugality)

There are also lots of money-making ideas presented as “side hustle ideas” – things that you could do alongside your day job to earn extra money

However, my first piece of advice (ahem!) which I would strongly urge you to follow is this:

Before embarking on any money-making scheme or side hustle idea, get your existing finances sorted out first

In fact, I would view “sorting out your finances” as your number financial priority before embarking on any money-making scheme should help you do just that

Money Management Tips and Resources

If time is short and you don’t really want to browse all my articles (though they are worth it, I promise you) then I highly recommend that you start with the article below:

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Money Management Resources

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And then move on from there!


Here are the rest of my articles on other aspects of money management:

Kids and Finance

I am passionate about parents providing a good financial education for their kids and in particular the money management basics of budgeting, credit saving, and (perhaps most importantly) spending their money

Here are my articles on kids and money

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Articles on Budgeting

Here is a collection of articles on the art of budgeting your finances, including the creation of a “spending plan” so you are not only in control of what you save, but also what you spend.

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Articles on Saving Money

Saving money of course comes in 2 flavors

  1. Saving money day to day and month to month so your incomings exceed your outgoings
  2. Saving money long term for you are in a comfortable place for your retirement

These articles cover both scenarios:

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More Money Articles:

Here are some general articles on aspects of money management

The best tip I can give in this section is  to set aside an hour a week simply to work on your finances

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Good money management is a key part of making sure that you and your family are happy and stable so I hope that these money management tips resources help

As I have said earlier in the article, before you even consider taking on a side hustle to earn extra money (as tempting as it may sound) then it would be far more sensible to spend some time on your finances first

You can do this by:

  • Making a budget (and running with it month to month) – remember budgeting is not a one-off exercise
  • Making a plan based on what you (and your family) need in the future
  • Read as many money management resources, books, and guides as you can to educate yourself on money management

It’s never too late to do either of the above but the sooner in your life, you can take control the better

Note that I publish new articles regularly – if you signup to download your free ebook then I will stay in touch via my mailing list

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Note: I  deliberately do not delve into specific credit cards or recommendations around loans

Rather, I have concentrated on what you could do (rather than what you should do!)

If you need specific financial advice for your specific situation then please do contact a qualified financial advisor in your local area