A Short Guide to Setting SMART Goals

Setting SMART Goals

Setting SMART GoalsIf you are wondering how best to set your financial goals, one tried and tested method is to use the SMART goals setting method. This article is a short guide to setting SMART goals

SMART is an acronym of Specific, Measurable, Achievable , Relevant and Time-Bound.

SMART goal setting can be used for any type of goal setting – finance, weight loss, fitness, career goals for example, which is why it is a very useful technique for any aspect of your life

Checking you are setting SMART goals will give you the best possible chance of achieving them.

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How to Stay Warm In Winter

how to stay warm in winter

If you are worried about heating costs this winter as fuel prices rapidly rise, or if your house is less than energy efficient, there are steps you can take to reduce your heating costs whilst still making sure you are warm for the winter

So if you are in this situation then follow my tips (borne out of experience) when the heating broke down once and we couldn’t afford to replace the boiler.

First tip is to “Keep Positive” – You may be finding it hard to keep positive when the house is cold and if you are struggling to even heat enough water for a bath, but above all stay positive – spring and warmer weather is just around the corner and it is important that you maintain a positive frame of mind.

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