7 Tips When Running a Family Budget

family budget

I talk quite a lot on this site about the importance of budgeting and it struck me that running a successful budget – be it a family budget or even a work budget – is not just about creating the budget in the first place and getting everything down on paper.

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15 Ways to Make Extra Money at Christmas

Make Extra Money for Christmas
Christmas provides an excellent opportunity for anybody to make some extra money (perhaps even pay for Christmas itself) by providing useful services to people in your local area.

Here is a list I have put together which anybody (adults, teenagers, even younger children in some instances) can pick up and run with.

Hopefully one will appeal to you and even if not the case, it might get you thinking about things you could do (or family members could do)  to earn a little extra money to put towards Christmas

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Maintain Your Lifestyle Whilst Saving Money

money saving lifestyle

money saving lifestyleIf you are looking at ways to save money (and in this day and age everybody should be) but are afraid that it will affect your lifestyle then this article is for you.

Here are some money saving ideas which, if adopted, will cut down on your monthly expenses whilst still maintaining a reasonable standard of living and as far as possible maintaining the lifestyle you are used to.

Of course some compromises will need to be made along the way but they will be “informed compromise” which will go a long way to keeping all the family happy

As always, I like to try and keep things really simple so each of these examples involve a basic 3 step process which is outlined as follows:

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