Here are the instructions for rebranding your report if this is what you choose to do

A reminder that you can give it away with your affiliate links to Tony’s report included (so you get paid if anybody buys through your link)

Instructions For Rebranding

You just need to signup at a website and provide a few details – I actually do most of the work!

1) Go to JVZoo by clicking here

2) If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one. Don’t worry, it’s free.

3) Fill in the form to request to be an affiliate and include your email address so I can send you the rebranded report

4) Optional but recommended: You can, if you want, add a short bio which I will include at the start of the report (in the blank space) – a sort of “introducer” from you. This will give you credibility when you give the report away. The rest of the report will stay as is other than the affiliate links which I will have changed

5) I will approve your affiliate request within 24 hours

6) I will then send you back a PDF version of this report with your short bio (if you included one) and your affiliate link to Tony’s report included I the yellow highlighted areas.


Note: I strongly recommend you buy Tony’s report yourself so you can talk about it authoritatively if you need to, but please don’t buy it through your own affiliate link as that is not allowed (and tut-tut for thinking about it)

If you decide not to buy Tony’s report do not worry about it but I will give priority preference in terms of turnaround of the rebranded report to those that have made a purchase

You can then use your rebranded report in any way you choose (some tips earlier in the document)

Note that the rebranding is for the free report only. And please note that you get the PDF – in other words you don’t get the “source” document so you can’t edit it in any way

It does not come with a squeeze page or any other bells and whistles, though I am considering offering do a “done for you” service if you there is a demand for it.

Contact me at if you feel that you could use such a service.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have got something from this report, and I hope we can have a profitable relationship (albeit over the internet) for years to come.