Selling Vintage Photos on the Internet

Old is gold, we all know.

Similarly, old photos can prove to be a gold mine to you if you know how to use them wisely!

There is a great demand for vintage photos; and why not use this demand to start a lucrative business for yourself!

This is a relatively inexpensive business, as you first have to have a collection or access to old photos that prove to be in great demand.

However, whichever old photo you lay your hands on, make sure that there is no copyright to the photos before copying them for selling.

Copyright laws are rather stringent, and there is no point getting caught for not abiding them!

Once you are sure that there are no copyright issues to worry about, you just have to make as many copies of the photos to sell to old photo lovers.

The only and main investment you will need for this business would be a scanner and good quality photo printer.

Of course, if you cannot afford this at first, you could approach someone who has this equipment to copy your old photos to sell.

Once you have the photos copied, you need to find a place to sell these photos, what better place could you go to besides eBay?.

eBay is one of the best online sites to sell things and is thus the ideal place to sell your photos.

Another site worth placing your photos for sale would be CafePress.

You can copy photos of many categories to sell on the internet.

Some of the more common types of photos that have much popularity on the internet are photos of

  • vintage cars and trucks
  • “local” photos of towns and villages in the past
  • photos of specific buildings in the past
  • photos on nature and wildlife
  • sometimes even NASA earth space photos have had a demand on the Internet.

You can copy photos of different sizes to sell on the internet.

Popular sizes like; some 8 x 10 inches, some 4 x 6 inches, and some of 5x 7 inches. This is to cater to people who may have needs for different sized photos.

Moreover, it is not advisable to charge unreasonably high rates for these photos; remembering that they are copies of old photos!

After all, they are copies, and charging from $6 to $10, depending on the sizes of the photos proves to be quite reasonable.

When creating your web page on eBay, add some images of the photos you intend to sell, with a brief introduction of the photos.

This way, all potential customers will have an idea of the photo, and thus be able to decide on which photo they would like to buy.

After selling some photos and people learn of the service you provide of selling copies of vintage photos, you will find your clientele growing. In fact, if you occasionally introduce new photos on the web page, you are sure to find some customers returning to buy more vintage photos from you!


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Selling Vintage Photos

Cost of Startup
Kitchen Table Potential
Ease of Startup
Specialist Knowledge Required
Earnings Potential
Solopreneur Potential

A perfect part-time business idea

If you like history and fancy digging out old photos then this is s great kitchen table business idea which should earn you some extra pennies. Cost of the startup is low and it should be easy to run from your sofa or kitchen table with very little overhead other than the cost of purchasing photos. As an extra you could offer a framing service to provide the complete service Just make sure you check copyright on any photos you copy and sell