Welcome to DadCash.com

My name is Andy, I live in the UK, happily married with three (now older) children

I was first inspired to put this site together because I was genuinely interested in ways we could our money better but also ways that as a family that we could earn some extra money that I could put into practice and I could pass on to the rest of the family

My eldest two children grew up in the nineties. We were a little young when we had them and credit was easy to get. We were determined that they would grow up having the best possible start, and we started to spend what we couldn’t afford.

We were never too extravagant – we always gave them a really good Christmas and went on as nice holidays as we could afford – but we were overspending – and even overspending £100 a month over 10 years or so will learn you in considerable debt.

So I set about ways of finding how we could both bring the debt under control and how we could earn some extra money. And money became a bit of an obsession – I studied how we could save, how we should spend, how we could earn more.

And we did get to the point where everything is under control, and in bringing everything under control I (and my family) learned a lot along the way … and it is this learning which I hope to share with you on DadCash.com

For instance, because money has been tight we have always encouraged our children to earn money, ever since they were 14. And they have done so in a variety of ways.

Over the last few years I have been concentrating on doing better at work, to progress my career (as that has and always will be the primary source of income), but I have also looked at ways and ideas to supplement my own income.

My wife has also set up her own business from home in the last couple of years, so we have some experience of setting up and running a business from home as well … and the trials and tribulations of doing that

This site pulls together lots of experience, research, opinions as well as those of my family.

I hope you enjoy the site, please leave a comment or sign up on any of the social media options

One last thing to point out. I am not (in any way shape or form) a financial advisor.

I offer tips and ideas, both from my experience, my family’s experience, and the reading I have done.

If you are going to do anything significant financially – be it savings, investments, tax, or indeed a business opportunity – go and speak face to face with a fully qualified financial advisor in the area you need advice.


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