10 Great Pet Business Ideas You Could Start Today

Here are 10 quite diverse pet business ideas to provide some inspiration if you are thinking about setting up a small business – or indeed looking to make some extra money on the side from your interest

If you love animals and have pets yourself then the thought of building a business around your interest could well be a very appealing one.

Lots of people have pets. They may have a dog or a cat, or something more unusual such as a terrapin or lizard, but they all have some key things in common where you can provide a service or fulfill a need:

  • Their pets will need looking after when they are away
  • They will need equipment of some sort so their pet is looked after
  • Their pets will need feeding
  • They will need information on how to care for their pet
  • They may need information to choose their pet

Can you see the possibilities here?

10 Pet Business Ideas

There are huge pet business opportunities here to provide some sort of service to pet owners (or potential pet owners) both physically (providing a pet-related service to your local area) or globally via the internet by setting up a home-based pet business.

Here are 10 pet business ideas to get you going

You could even think about combining a couple of these pet business ideas

For example start a dog walking service and then start blogging about it

Start a Dog Walking Service

Of all the pet business ideas that are out there, then a dog walking service is probably the obvious one.

A dog walking service could be invaluable to those dog owners whose dogs need a long walk once or twice a day but do not have time to provide it

You could provide a dog walking service to people in your area, especially if you live close to an open area such as a park or field.

You could expand your business by catering to multiple customers at a time – and the exercise would do you good as well!

This could be an excellent start-up business for teenagers looking to earn their first pay packet, which is an alternative to the regular newspaper delivery job, and is easily expandable by taking on more customers, or walking a couple of dogs at a time.

Start a Dog Walking Service 

Start a Pet Sitting Service

People need to go on holiday but often they cannot (or will not) take their pet with them.

You could offer a pet minding service for the holidays with facilities for all kinds of pets – from goldfish to rabbits, cats, dogs.

As an alternative idea, you could offer a service where you feed pets for owners in their own home (you will need to prove yourself trustworthy though!)

You could specialize or generalize – this could be a very good business to run during the holidays and if you have the facilities and space you could run it all year round

Start a Pet Sitting Service

Start a Pet Grooming Business

Owners like their pets to look their best. That’s why a good and reliable pet grooming service could do very well.

You could offer all aspects of grooming from a wash and haircut to toe and claw clippings.

You could offer your services from your own premises or as a “mobile service” operating from clients homes

Note that if you are serious about this business idea you are advised to study and qualify in your chosen area of expertise

You could also sell accessories as a nice little side business, which leads onto  …

Start a Business Selling Pet Accessories

In past times if you wanted to start a pet accessory business you would need a proper “bricks and mortar shop”, stocked to the hilt with pet accessories, (and sometimes even the pets themselves)

These days you don’t have to start a full-blown pet shop. Instead,  you could start a pet accessories business small on a platform like eBay.

The beauty of such a business is you could drop-ship – which means that you take and fulfill orders and you have an agreement with a supplier to fulfill the orders on your behalf.  You make a profit on anything sold over and above the wholesale price

As an alternative consider setting up an online Amazon store as an affiliate marketer. Amazon offer commissions – to start off with around 4% – on any products bought through your affiliate link.

Start a Drop Shipping Business

Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

Start a Business Building Hutches or Kennels

Probably the least obvious of our pet business ideas, but if you are good at woodwork or constructing things, why not consider starting a business building dog kennels or rabbit hutches or homes for other pets?

You could offer “standard” catalog kennels as your base offering, but then also offer premium bespoke custom built ones.

They could be indoors or outdoor kennels and hutches  – the sky really is the limit and owners are often prepared to pay significantly for the comfort of their favorite pet.

Start a Woodworking Business

-Start a Business Making Pet Accessories and Treats

If you are into arts and crafts then one area you consider getting into is pet accessory such as

  • Collars
  • Coats and other “pet clothing”
  • Pet treats
  • Toys

You could make them and then sell at local car boot sales or fetes. Or supply local shops or even sell them online…

Start a Pet Training Business

You may think this is just for dogs (and you will see examples of such businesses in local parks up and down the country) but you could also learn how to go about “training” other animals and offer advice to pet owners

Examples could include:

  • Dog training (the obvious one)
  • Advice on toilet training cats
  • Dietary and food advice

Start Blogging About Your Favorite Pet or Animal

You could set-up a website or a blog offering tips and advice on your favorite pet.

The best way to start a blog is to go “niche”, focusing on a particular animal (or maybe a particular breed) and then address specific problems

Here are some examples:

  • Start a blog on providing information on different dog breeds so that potential owners can make informed choices
  • Start a blog on how you trained your dog in 30 days
  • Start a blog talking about fish care, or offering dietary advice

You can monetize your blog in a number of ways:

  • by recommending relevant products which pay you a commission for selling them (this is called affiliate marketing)
  • create and sell your own e-book or video
  • run a paid for newsletter
  • sell advertising space on your blog
  • sell your blog

Write a Pet Related eBook

With the rise of the internet, electronic media and book readers you do not need a publishing deal to publish your own book.

Indeed, it is actually quite easy to write your own eBook and sell it online – either as a Kindle eBook or as a PDF for download

Write a book based on your knowledge of your pet, or carry out research and publish your findings.

For instance,  most people that keep Koi Carp know a thing or two about them.

And if that is you why not use your knowledge to write a short eBook on Koi Carp – how to keep them, how they breed, 20 tips…that sort of thing

The beauty of writing an eBook is that it does not have to be very long and can focus on the solution to one specific problem or question that needs answering

Here are some other ideas

  • How do I toilet train my dog?
  • Are there any vegetarian pet recipes?
  • My dog keeps barking at the postman – how do I stop him?
  • How do I care for my pets teeth?

If you concentrate on providing solutions to common problems then your short eBooks will sell

Write and sell your own eBook

Start a Pet Related Forum or Online Community

And finally, why not consider starting a pet based forum or community on a social site such as Facebook 

That way you can get your community to be self-answering and people can share common problems and get answers from the community itself

Forums do require a degree of moderation and are not easy to get going, but you could ultimately monetize with adverts running on the forum, or through selling products of your own to forum members

10 Pet Business Ideas …. In Summary

I hope I have given a little inspiration as to how you could go about starting your own business centered around pets and animals.

I bet you could think of many more pet business ideas if you tried !


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